Sonic Breakfast Toaster Review

Sonic Breakfast Toaster ReviewWhen faced with having to resort to a fast food breakfast, I’ll take most anything over the big guys. The Egg McMuffin is assembled in house, but not “cooked,” the formerly toasted muffins are now just warmed, the “Canadian bacon” is flavorless and sliced so thin you can see through it.

I like Sonic, Hardees, and Bojangles for breakfast.   Bojangles has genuine ham real, not fake, not pressed, chopped and formed on their biscuits, Hardee’s biscuit sandwiches are made to order in house, and the Sonic breakfast sandwich, nested between two pieces of Texas toast, is almost always delightful.

I went for the bacon, egg, cheese toaster at Sonic this morning, got the meal, so it came with tots (I’m always all about tots) and a beverage.  There were some downsides.   The tots were cold in the middle, which is weird, since fast food fryers are on automatic times;  I can only think the oil in that fryer hadn’t reached optimum temperature when they made my order.   A plus for the toaster sandwich is it comes double wrapped, in paper first, with one side open, so you can eat on the run without much mess, and then in a foil envelope.

The downside of the foil is the toast that left the restaurant window toasted and crispy, is, if you’re waiting awhile to eat it, becomes somewhat sadly limp from the steam being released in the package.  Like when you order crisp fries to take out in a foam container.

Often, I’m smart enough to remember to poke a hole or two in the packaging to let the steam escape, but didn’t think of it this time.  Nevertheless, the sandwich and tots were mighty tasty.

Sonic Breakfast Toaster Review






Sonic Breakfast Toaster Review

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