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At the intersection of Sherman Way and Woodley, Beeps has served the neighborhood and burger fans since 1952. We were across the street at Toys R Us, and I snapped a pick of Beeps and tweeted it, proclaiming “alas, no time this trip.” But when Mrs Burgerdogboy and her pals exited the toy store, and saw me gazingly longingly at the burger legend, they insisted that we have an early lunch, and I was oh so happy.

We ordered (over ordered) at the window and took a seat in the outdoor patio.  Was really happy to be sitting and eating outside in pleasant weather, after 6 months of Portland winter gloom.

For the four of us, one beef dip, one pastrami sub, one hot dog, two curly fries, two orange bangs, one regular burger, and more.

We had ordered in two tranches, and for some reason, half came, the other took some negotiating to get (cajoling?), but in the end, it all worked out.

I loved the beef dip.  I had been determined to get to Coles or Philippes in downtown Los Angeles this week, and didn’t make it, so I had a jones for a dip.  (Both Coles and Philippe’s purport to have invented the French dip).

Beep’s dip was top notch, real beef roast, a nice roll, and an ample serving of au jus to go with.  The curly fries were pronounced winners by all.    The burger, victim of a thumbed bun, and dressed to the nines – was a previously frozen machine formed patty, to my disappointment intitially, but actually tasty in its own right.

I’ll try to hit Beeps more often in my L.A. trips.  My office used to be a couple blocks away, and Beeps was one of my oases. It can be yours as well.


Beep's Chili Cheese Dog

Beep's Chili Cheese Dog



Beep's Beef Dip Sandwich

Beep's Beef Dip Sandwich



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