Franks Fast N Fresh Deli – Superior, WI

Franks Fast N Fresh DeliYou know I’ve written a lot about “gas station chicken,” or “fry delis” as they are called in the deep south.  Counters inside of gas stations, c-stores, or truck stops, these enterprises sell freshly fried chicken, and sometimes sausage, fish, shrimp, eggrolls and the like.

The Calument gas station (formerly Spur) at the food of the Blatnik Bridge in Superior, Wisconsin, is home to Franks Fast N Fresh Deli, serving plate meals and individual pieces of chicken and other goodies early til late.  They also have fries, corn dogs, cheese sticks and some sides.

The chicken is reportedly some of the finest to be found in Duluth-Superior.  But then, what gas station chicken isn’t?

Locals “in the know” fondly call the gas station “Chicken Spur.”  It’s on Hammond and N. Fifth Street, across from the Hammond Steak House in the map below.  Lest out of towners get further confused, Superior is sometimes referred to as “Soup Town.”


Franks Fast N Fresh Deli

Franks Fast N Fresh Deli

Soup Town



Franks Fast N Fresh Deli

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