American Made General Store Review Pocahontas, AR

American Made General Store Review Pocahontas, AR

American Made General Store Review Tooling around the underbelly of Arkansas the other week, I was heading north on US 67, which runs from the Mexican border to the Quad Cities, in IA/IL. Pocahontas was indeed named after the Native American of renown, and not after any current political candidate.

The town sits 90 miles west of I-55 and the parallel stretch of the Mississippi River. 15 miles north of Walnut Ridge (stop there and ask about the Beatles), I did on a previous trip. It’s 35 minutes northwest of Jonesboro.

Seems a local veteran had a dream to create a store that sold only American made goods and merchandise, and he did a bang up job, opening on July 4, 2018.

While you won’t see billboards for hundreds of miles ahead of time, like Wall Drug in South Dakota, this store could easily become a destination, leading to other development in this burg. With money and marketing.  I did see at least one board, somewhere on the highway south of the city.

To a locavore crazed person like me, this store was a wonderland.  Not only are all of the products (everything you could imagine you wanted and then some) – there are a great many from the local surrounding area.  Dry goods, home canned goods, meat, baked goods, clothing, tools, decor items,old timey candies, stuff for the house, yard,  and more.  I could have spent hours here, if I had hours to spend.

Visit their website, their Facebook page, but most importantly, put it on your bucket list. In the meantime, shop the store online.

Clean restrooms.

They weren’t busy when i stopped by.  Had a nice chat with the main dude. About his Seeburg Jukebox.  1956 vintage he said.  I have a 1952.

American Made General Store Review Pocahontas Arkansas
American Made General Store Review Pocahontas Arkansas

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