I Get Requests to Try Products or Go to Restaurants

freePretty frequently.  Some company wants to send me some food, or a new appliance, or a restaurant wants me to come and try their fare, which of course, I am happy to do.   But once and awhile, I spot a new product that I think would specifically be of interest to you, and I reach out to the company for a sample, and you’d be (at least  I am) surprised how few companies even bother to reply.  Sometimes I ask for some product to give away, which also meets with little enthusiasm.

I’d estimate my success rate in getting sample product is less than one in each twenty requests.  Even getting an answer is probably less than 5%.

Weird, huh?

This site has good number, quality readers, highly targeted.  An enigma why companies ignore that and pass on getting some very inexpensive (usually) positive publicity.


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