Musselmans Pie Filling

Musselman Pie Filling ReviewI don’t bake much anymore, too much trouble for one person; oh, i’ll make a loaf of bread or pizza crust for company, but I kind of got fried on baking when I lived in Paris, and thought it was required to be able to make great croissants and other pastries. I’d rise at 4 AM or so, and while my girlfriend lingered in dreamland, I’d destroy the kitchen working on recipes. Kinda nailed it, and that was satisfaction enough.

So the concept of me making a pie is out of the question, even tho I love pie. But I spotted canned fillings on the grocery shelf the other day, made by Musselmans, so I grabbed the Banana Cream, and Key Lime. I love Key Lime pie, I can remember the first time I had it even, at the Fontainbleu hotel in Miami. Good times. Good pie.

Armed with these two cans and two frozen pie shells, i made two pies I will never eat. Bake the shells, plop in the filling, top with whipped cream, or not, voila. You are in pie heaven.

I think the toppings were adequate, despite being heavy on corn syrup as an ingredient. They were cheaper than trying to make it from scratch, for sure.

Musselmans started in Pennsylvania in 1907 and is “grower owned.” In addition to pie fillings, they make canned fruit, juices, and fruit vinegar. Each can of pie filling makes one standard size pie and costs around $3.00.

This is good enough for most company. ¬†Even your mother in law. ¬†(I never met my last one, which was perfect on so many levels. She may have even been a figment of my ex’s imagination).

Add chunks of real fruit if you must.

Musselmans Pie Filling

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