Sasquatch Pizza Review

Sasquatch Pizza ReviewSomebody lit a fire under the management of Milwaukee pizza manufacturer Parlermo; in addition to their classic Palermo label, over the past year, they’ve rolled out another four brands. P’Mos, Screamin’ Sicilian, Mission, and now, Sasquatch, a WalMart exclusive monster, weighing in a 3 pounds for under ten bucks.  That’s a lot of pizza. That’s a lot of crust.

Of all of them, as of yesterday, my favorite was the Screamin.’  I like the big hand-pulled chunks of sausage.

Today I’m trying out the Sasquatch, which seemed to be designed to resemble “Detroit style” pizza, thick, rectangular, made popular nationally by Little Caesars and Jet’s.

My WalMart freezer was full of only the pepperoni variety, tho they make four different kinds.  No matter to me, I love pepperoni, and this has different “types” and sized-pieces.

With this thickness, you’re gonna bake it longer than you’re used to – at least 20 minutes, but probably closer to 26.  The box sez “ten servings,”  but it’s more than that of course.

The finished product doesn’t wow.  It’s like a thick version of the really low end pies – Tonys. Roma. Like that.  The thick crust, neither crispy or doughy, has enough corn meal in it to spoil the texture. The sauce tastes generic, and there isn’t enough cheese or toppings.  As low an opinion as I have of Little Caesars, their “deep dish” is better and cheaper.

Sasquatch Pizzas are made at the Palermo factory in Milwaukee, pictured below.

2nd pic is Little Caesar’s “Deep Dish.”

Sasquatch Pizza Review

                                     Sasquatch Pizza

Sasquatch Pizza Review

                                 Little Caesar’s Deep Dish


                                Palermo Milwaukee Factory

Sasquatch Pizza Review

                                       Palermo Factory







Sasquatch Pizza Review

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