Green Acres, Oregon – Home Cooked Meal from the Farm

We invited ourselves down to see some old friends of mine, who are living the ‘Green Acres” life on a small working farm near Newport, Oregon.   I’ve know the man for longer than Mrs. BurgerDogBoy has been on this planet, and while we have become good electronic friends of late, until recently, I had not seen him in all those years; nor met the lovely Mrs. Green Acres.

They raise sheep for meat and wool (you can buy their wool, and their lamb meat), all things fowl, a llama, as well as grow a thing or two, as well as harvest nature’s bounty in the wild, when they have the opportunity.  No Arnold Ziffel this year, but they have in the past

Mrs and Mrs Green Acres  prepared a lovely repast.  I can’t remember when I have been so smitten by a multi-course dinner on every single level, both for the dining and the companionship.

We started with a wild mushroom soup, moved on to braised venison and sauteed vegetables;  lovely kale with the previous year’s Ziffel as seasoning  (yes, Mrs. BDB, I saw you picking out chunks of pork!),  local crawfish cocktail, artisan bread from the local (mobile!) baker, and finishing up with some wonderful cheeses from the Cypress Grove Cheese company in Arcata, CA.  What a treat, all of it.   Every dish was a melange of complex flavors and textures that all blended together marvelously.

Plus they packed us a goody back to take home, some leftovers, turkey/chicken/duck eggs, and other goodies.   They prepared one meal for us, but fed us for a week!

If all the hard work of managing a farm wasn’t enough for them, they have also started a local weekly newspaper.   Very ambitious people whom I admire very much.  And not to forget, Mrs. Green Acres is in training to be a volunteer fire fighter. Wow.

Thanks for the great time, conversation and food, folks.   I’ll invite us down again soon!

And you, dear readers, be sure to purchase some of the fruits of their labors, as well!

Brenalan Farm, Oregon

Brenalan Farm, Oregon

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