South Range (Superior) WI – Kounty Quarthouse Review

Kawika and the Minnesota Burger Posse rolled into the Quarthouse the other day. Located off US Highway 2, about 15 miles south of Duluth/Superior.

An establishment that dates all the way back to Prohibition, The Kounty Quarthouse specializes in an “updated” American menu, but with full dinner service available as well.

(Spoiler alert).  The posse don’t understand why this place isn’t packed all the time, tho they opined it might be that “looks are deceiving” and from the outside, this looks like your typical Upper Midwest country tavern.

Inside, it’s warm, inviting, with a totally made from scratch menu, with big servings.  The Chef/owner is the former owner of the popular Savorie’s catering in Duluth.

The posse started with deep fried bacon, which they liked.  They also tried the burger sliders with onion rings, commenting that the rings were delightful, reminiscent of the canned ones we all love, except fresh and larger.

Steak tacos were the Tuesday special and well received.  They reported the cheesecake as “phenomenal.”

Especially taken by the creative approach to the reuben, the sandwich is served between two potato pancakes in lieu of bread, with tart and crispy red cabbage. Loved their version of poutine, as well, calling it “over the top.”

It seems worth the drive for a date nite or weekend change of pace.

Directions and their menu are online.

Kounty Quarthouse Reuben

Kounty Quarthouse Sliders and Rings

Kounty Quarthouse Pasta

Kounty Quarthouse Interior


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Kounty Quarthouse Review

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