Portland, OR – A Saturday Satiated/Heavenly Cheese

Saturday was a “way too much” food day for the Burgerdogboy family, due to relatives being in town.  I wasn’t able to document it all, a general ‘walking food coma’ overtook me at some point.  Problem with eating so much yesterday, is I have to still deal with what’s on the plate for us today!  WHOA!   Gonna have to take a couple days off from eating.  (OK, I’ll start tomorrow).

In no particular order yesterday, it started at the Saturday market, launched in to happy

Kincaid Sliders

Kincaid Sliders

hour at Kincaid’s, on to Sushiland,  moved over to PGE stadium, before ending at Serrato on 21st.

Kincaid’s has three beef sliders for $9 (happy hour price $4), and at the happy hour price they’d be a better deal. They are tiny burgers on oversized buns, with a olive mayo that is ver nice, and a sweet hot mustard that is not so nice. We wandered in there because Mrs. BDB’s unquenchable thirst was hollering out for a couple of lemon drops ($9 per), and Portland’s unseasonably hot weather streak made the AC a welcome relief.

At Sushi Land we set the record for the number of stacked empty plates, I believe, with

PGE Park Zenner Hot Dog

PGE Park Zenner Hot Dog

Mrs. BDB and my daughter leading the charge.

Burgerdogboy’s daughter, the vegetarian (harumph!) had the boyfriend du jour in tow this trip,who partook of a Zenner’s hotdog at the baseball game, and pronounced it so amazing, his eyes popped out.

We ended the evening on the sidewalk at Serrato, nobody was feeling very hungry but me, they had a antipasti platter ($18) on the menu, which had my name on it, and it included some salami, olives, and possibly the best cheese I have ever had, a high fat soft concoction called Humboldt Fog, from Cypress Grove Cheeses, Arcata, CA.  Absolutely marvelous.

A typically wonderful diverse Portland food day!

Sushi Land

Sushi Land

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