Portland, OR – Foster Burger, Part 2

My less than fun experience revisiting Violetta this week got me to wondering about how other “new” “hot” places fare over time, so decided to head back to Foster Burger, the current burger of all burgers here in Portland.

My dining companion for the night, Mr. Portland Attorney Deal Maker Extraordinaire, (PADME) was along for the ride (and to pick up the check)…Foster had been in his sites for some time but he hadn’t managed to make the trek all the way across the river.

We arrived about 5:40, and the joint was “busy”, but not “crowded”.   As it was a near hundred degree temp day, we opted for the outside covered patio, which seemed “cooler” for some reason.  Large pitchers of ice water adorned the tops of each of the dozen or so picnic tables on the rear patio.

I knew Mr PADME would want to check out the shakes (he is a hound for shakes) and especially because Foster is one of the few places that offers the precious “malt powder” as an additive.  (By the way, at Foster you can also add a shot of liquor to your shake, if that’s your pleasure).

I went with a diet soda, of course, but leapt at the offer to drink a spoonful of the malted, and it was superb.  I was envious of Mr. PADME, but then, I am most days.

We both ordered bacon/cheddar Foster Burgers, medium rare (they come medium if you don’t specify), and I skipped the special sauce and PADME skipped the tomato.   OK, I skipped the veggies too (except the pickle), but since they come on the side, didn’t bother to ask the waitress to leave them in the kitchen. (Wasteful!).  Oh well.

Mr. PADME opted for the regular fries, uttered an “OMG” the moment he bit into one, and I reprised my previous visit’s choice of the Black and White fries, dusted with parmesan, garlic,white truffle oil, and accompanied by a ramikin of garlic aioli mixed in with squid ink. (Yes, a black dipping sauce).

The burgers more than lived up to their reputation and my previous visit. Cooked as specified, house ground meat and house made pickles, there is no reason this guy can’t have multiple locations, if that’s his dream.  It sure beats the heck out of any of the current crop of rapidly expanding burger joints.   Some days I wonder if those places are being too aggressive.  Some days I think the current burger fad is born out of economic madness, rather than a change in America’s tastes.  Time will tell.

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