Portland, OR – Golden Touch Family Restaurant

Mrs. BDB wanted lunch, out, on a weekday, always delighted when that happens.  We wanted to stay close to home, but go to someplace “new.”   We drive by the Golden Touch most every day, but had never stopped in.  It’s an obvious throwback to old time diner days, the exterior looks like it may have been a Denny’s, or Sambo’s.

We entered and were promptly ushered to the ‘back room’, replete with huge yellow semi-circular booths, covered with good old fashioned leatherette, complete with matching duct tape to patch some of the tears that had occurred over the years.

Perusing the lengthy menu revealed all of the usual diner favorites, like hot beef sandwiches, Monte Cristos, breakfast, gravies, and of course, burgers.

I went for the traditional club with fries.  The Touch offers a wide variety of included sides to choose from with most orders.  Mrs. BDB went for the Monte Cristo, tried to order the “fruit cup” as a side, but the waitress cautioned her it was ‘just fruit cocktail,” so she opted for cottage cheese.

I lamented to the waitress kiddingly that it was too bad the Club didn’t come with gravy, and she promptly offered me samples of the different ones that they sold.   I opted to taste the sausage gravy, and it was good, very mild, not much black pepper as so many folks tend to include in their own recipes.

The food was more than adequate. The highest compliment I can think to give them is, “it is what it is.”

Go here for some quick comfort food, cheap, and without expectations of greatness. It’s better than the chain coffee shops, for sure, even tho the interior has seen better days.

But then so has this reviewer.

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One comment to “Portland, OR – Golden Touch Family Restaurant”
One comment to “Portland, OR – Golden Touch Family Restaurant”
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