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Sub Rosa Meatball

Sub Rosa Meatball

Mrs. Burgerdogboy has taken to grabbing up Groupon and Living Social deals she thinks would amuse me, and I’m grateful for her thoughtfulness, as well as the opportunity to try new places.

Last nite, we hit “Sub Rosa“, a small neighborhood Italian joint over on SE Clinton.

This worked out great, as she had another coupon for the Clinton Street Theater, and we saw the movie “Happy” after dinner. (Recommended).

We hit the cafe at 5:15 and were the only diners to start. Our server was affable and helpful about the menu, started us off with the comp bread and infused olive oil. The bread comes from a bakery down the block called Little T, and we’ll have to revisit that during daylight hours, some great bread, for sure!

Mrs. Burgerdogboy started off the beverage service with a glass of the house red (served Euro-style in small glasses), and I went with a bottle of Stella.

We had a small starter in the Country olive mix, a combo of blacks and greens of different ilks, served on a platter with a furnished demi-tasse cup for pits. The olives were great.

We opted to share a couple of entrees, a pizza with gorgonzola, bacon, and spinach, and the daily ravioli, a mushroom stuffed pasta pocket served with the house red sauce.

The pizza was definitely large enough for two people (a testament to the waiter, I overheard him cautioning another party to not order two, but to do “halfsies” on toppings).

The pie was oval shaped in the Neapolitan style, and crust light, thin, achieving the art of crispy and chewy at the same time, done in a standard pizza oven deck (Blodgett or Baker’s Pride), so it lacked the char one experiences from wood or brick ovens (which is just fine with me).

The toppings were fresh, and ample.

There being far more items on the menu that I wanted to order, but lacked the capacity for, I did ask the waiter if he would sell me “one meatball”, so I could try those, and he said he would be happy to give us one, and it’s a nice meatball, meaty flavor, tender, and it was presented in a small bowl with a little red sauce as well.

We didn’t finish the pizza or ravioli, and you know we have large appetites, but fine with me, that means I am having left over pizza (GREAT) as I am typing this on a Sunday morn.

There are lots of raves online about Sub Rosa’s weekend brunch, and I’d like to try that as well, sometime. Otherwise, they are open for dinner (no lunch service) – Tuesday thru Sunday.

The SE Clinton neighborhood is chock-a-block full of good eateries, with Broder, the Savoy, and NoHo located there as well.

But next time you are contemplating heading that way, give Sub Rosa a try.

Sub Rosa Pizza

Sub Rosa Pizza

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