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Yo Mamas Review New OrleansAt some point in time, ancient history, a New Orleans restaurant, most likely Port of Call, decided giant loaded baked potatoes were the perfect side for burgers.

Not so, sez I.   But it was a thing, and the thing has spread, and become a trend, so you can find the combo around down, including at Yo Mama’s, a raucous dive bar just off Bourbon Street in the French Quarter.

Yo makes giant burgers, with giant toppings, and giant baked potatoes, or you can substitute a petite side salad for your spud.  Which I actually did. No, I am not lying. Except they really aren’t petite, either, so I guess that’s a  little lie.  It’s an ample salad.

I went with the bacon burger, probably 4-6 ounces of cooked, crumbled delicious pork strips atop the burger. There are a lot of choices for toppings, as you can note on the menu below.

If there’s a downside to Yo’s, it’s that the background music isn’t – it’s very loud —– but the upside is, it’s the soundtrack to the 60s and 70s, so get ready for a giant serving of Stairway to Heaven or Layla with your giant burger and tater.

The joint opens at 11 AM on weekdays, 10 AM on weekends, and stays open til …… you know, places that say “til” on their hours.  That could mean, they never close (as so many places in the French Quarter don’t, or that could mean, “fuck it, let’s close, there’s nobody here.”

Either way, it’s a burger to behold.  

(Update  March 2016.  This restaurant is now closed. There are conflicting reports as to what will happen to it. Some reports say a new operator will take it over and continue to operate as is; other reports say a new concept will be launched at this location). 





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Yo Mamas Review

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