Algonquin, IL – Riverview Tavern

“Since 1936” the sign out front says. This is a big endorsement for me, usually, if a place has been around that long, they must be doing something right. Right? Used to be I chose restaurants based solely on another sign criteria: “most credit cards accepted.” But these days my standards are different.

The Riverview is a neighborhood tavern in search of a neighborhood. And one can’t see the river from any location at the joint, tho surely one could back in 1936. Now there are houses and strip malls in the way.

What’s great about the Riverview is a lengthy menu and nightly specials; Friday nites you’ll find the local ubiquitous fish fry. Sundays nites, it’s all you can eat “broasted” chicken.  The bird comes with slaw, a roll, and choice of fries, baked, or mashed.

Tried the onion rings, which were panko coated, very crispy, quality onions, great flavor.  Came with a ramekin of ranch, I sure don’t know whomever decided that ranch was the ultimate dipping sauce (lobbyists from Hidden Valley?) but it doesn’t do it for me; nor does thousand island, for that matter.

The chicken was great, came with fries and slaw, the fries seemed baked, but the waitress affirmed they were deep-fried.  The question only arose because they weren’t greasy. (Which is a good thing).  There was a patty melt somewhere on the table, it wasn’t prepared exactly as ordered, but was satisfactory nonetheless.

The pizza (thin) is a little thicker crust that most area thin pies.  Really excellent bulk Italian sausage as a topping.  An excellent pie in the segment of “how is it the next morning.”

Here’s a rundown on Riverview’s specials.


Riverview Tavern

Riverview Tavern Onion Rings Algonquin

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