Boardman, OR – Home of the Bozo Burger

Boardman is kind of a mini agricultural mecca in Oregon. In fact, they have self-directed tours of the local farms and processing plants,….it’s a hot bed for onions, garlic, and potatoes, apparently. There is a french fry plant that furnishes McDonalds and other chains. There is a plant that specializes in tater tots. Sweet businesses, all. bozo2Boardman is also the home of the C&D Drive-In, birthplace of the Bozo burger. Most people that walked up to the window, like me, asked “What’s a bozo burger?”

The answer is a bacon cheeseburger with thousand island dressiing and shredded lettuce. I was hoping for something a little more exotic, like a clone of a Krusty burger, perhaps. And what’s with shredded lettuce? I got a tweet from my favorite advertiser Cardinal Coffee, asking me if I was as down on shredded lettuce on burgers as he was. DEFINITELY. It just doesn’t seem to fit, unless you are getting a taco burger somewhere.

I told the counter girl to skip the thousand island, and she asked me if I wanted to subsitute mustard or mayo. Oh yeah on the former, oh no on the latter. Co-located with the C&D Drive In is Poppy’s Pizza.  I could have pulled a double meal!  But I didn’t.   The burger was fine, the tots exceptional.  My only “beef” was there were noisy anklebiters in the cafe, and I relocated to an outside table, despite blustery weather, halfway thru the sandwich.

I think there are some giant server farms here, but they aren’t on the ag tour, for some reason.  Yes, that’s a joke.  The tour part.




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