Burgerdogboy’s Bolognese Sauce Recipe

Burgerdogboy's Meat Sauce RecipeThis is a great recipe for meat sauce, for pasta, or on a bun for “sloppy joes.”  I’ve spent decades perfecting it!  If you weren’t aware of it, the original sloppy joe was invented in Iowa as a variation of the “loose meat” sandwich. Read all about Maid-Rites to learn about “loose meat.”   If you’re not ladling it on top of pasta, stir it into cooked elbows for a Midwestern variation of  “goulash“.  That’s my personal favorite.

Burgerdogboy’s Meat Sauce Recipe


1 # ground beef

1 # bulk hot Italian sausage

1 # hot Italian sausage links

2 large cans San Marzano DOP imported tomatoes

1 diced white onion

4 cloves diced garlic

2 stalks sliced celery

2 T olive oil

1  C red wine

1 T fennel seeds

1 T oregano

1 T basil


Place oil in frying pan.  Lightly saute vegetables and herbs until they are clear.  Set aside.  Brown ground beef and bulk Italian sausage.  Drain in a colander and rinse with water, letting drain again.  Par boil link Italian sausage before frying until done.  Slice on a bias to make angled pieces.

Smash or hand wand the  tomatoes, and add wine, vegetables, meat in large sauce pan, simmer for at least two hours.  Refrigerate overnight, scoop fat off top of pan, reheat to serve in your chosen manner.  You may cook down the tomatoes first, if you prefer a ‘smoother’ sauce.

Get extra fancy by making and adding meatballs!

1 # ground beef

1 # ground bulk Italian sausage

1 egg

2 cloves minced garlic

1/2 T fennel seed

1/2 T oregano

1/2 cup Italian breadcrumbs

Combine all ingredients with your hands, in a large mixing bowl.  Let refrigerate for at least four hours.   Hand make meatballs to your favorite size.  Now here’s the trick:  Cook the meatballs in the sauce!  That’s right, don’t bake them ahead of time.  They will turn out perfect!


bolognese sauce recipe


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