Burger Aptos Review, Aptos, CA

A mere 8.5 miles SE of the Santa Cruz Mystery Spot, there’s a joint that’s serving up a fully-disclosed menu which provides for no mystery at all, ‘cepting how food can be so damned delicious!

Bay Area burger reporter GL and her burger posse stopped in at Burger to sample the wares on a recent Friday nite.  This is a second location for these guys, the original is a tad north in Santa Cruz.

Burger  is all about being locavore whenever possible, with a solid commitment to sustainability as well.

The sustainability extends to providing one of  the highest quality and widest varieties of burgers in the Santa Cruz area.

All burgers are served medium well. and dressed with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles and  special house sauce.  choice of Humboldt grass-fed beef, Diestel turkey patty or our House Made veggie patty. Burgers are served with a sampling of shoestring fries, or slaw.

Taking a cue from various other venues, Burger has a menu which attaches celebrity names to certain combinations, like the “Hank Williams Sr” (onion, rings, bacon, cheddar cheese, bbq sauce) or the “Marilyn Monroe” (  topped with artichoke hearts and aioli).

I know I’d like the “Jake Blues”, topped with blue cheese, bacon, and aioli.

GL and the gang opted for the “Kobe” sliders, 3 patties on sweet buns on a bed of tots for $11.  No, I’m not going into my entire Kobe rant at this time, you can read that in plenty of other posts on this site!

GL could only polish off two of the sliders, because although she has a large appetite for life, she eats (and sings)  like a bird.

Beer and food menu are online.

Burger, Aptos Califronia

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Burger Aptos Review

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