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DMK Burger ReviewStarted in 2009, now with three locations in greater Chicagoland, DMK is regarded as one of the city’s great burgers. I found both positive and negative aspects to the experience.

I had read a number of reviews prior to stopping by, and I agree with some of both the pluses and minuses.

The beef burger itself was fine, tho small and rather flavorless for the price. The toppings I asked for (that usually go along with the lamb burger) made for an exciting sandwich, and included feta, tomato, cucumber, tzatziki sauce, and olive “tapenade.” The latter turned out to be a few (very few) diced Greek-style olives. The feta was very creamy and the sandwich was served on an ultra soft bakery style roll, which, although toasted, was not substantial enough to hold the burger and fixings without collapsing early on. I used to have a Greek deli in Portland make a burger dressed like this from time to time. You guys could be more generous with the olives and have a heartier bun for this one.

Started with three deviled eggs for $2, which were absolutely church-picnic bland. They need some jazzing up. Small order of truffle/parmesan fries at $4.50 had exceptional flavor that wasn’t overpowered by garlic mayo dipping sauce.

Just looking at the beef (star of the show), which you point out is “grass fed and organic,” eh. I like when joints these days identify their source/suppliers, and I found the patty at Epic Burger (from Creekstone Farms) to be more flavorful on its own.

A patty melt came around to the table, and it was properly cooked and prepared. Ice teas to drink, quite ordinary as well. So, one appetizer, two burgers, one small fries, two iced teas, $40. Pretty spendy.

Other people have pointed out a few things that I agree with – this place is really loud, the tables are too close together, service is so-so, and the restaurant is kind of in indentity crisis mode. Is it a spectacular burger bar? House of many microbrews? Ice creamery? I suggest picking one and doing it really well.

Some other diners have suggested this is a good place to bring kids, but I disagree, why spend $10-$15 on a kid’s burger or mac and cheese (there is no children’s menu).  Plus you’re not going to be able to talk to your kids, because of the noise volume.

Other diners complained about not being able to make substitutions, but my server gave me no problem on that.  She did say all burgers are cooked to medium after I requested medium rare, but if you judge from the picture, I think I got my way.  These are thin smashed patties, and it’s awfully tough to control doneness in the to a level other than “done.”

Here’s the full menu for DMK.

DMK Burger Review


DMK Burger Review

#11 With Beef Patty

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DMK Burger ReviewDMK Burger Review

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