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(I love restaurants that post their menus outside, this is a smashing idea!)

Once upon a time (and still) there was/is this great restaurant in Minneapolis called “Hell’s Kitchen.” A self-described “foodie heaven”, famous for wackadoodle (yeah, I don’t know what that means either, I just made it up) breakfasts, and creative entrees like the Walleye BLT (walleye is Minnesota’s most famous fish). (And while the proper name is Walleyed Pike, it isn’t from the pike family at all). (But you can get walleye on a stick at the Minnesota State Fair). (Anyway.)

As they grew and prospered someone whispered “Expand!” And so they did, to the favorite destination of Minneapolitans – Duluth, a mere 150 minutes up I-35 Dub.

And they prospered in their new found location, serving the locals and tourists alike with mostly the same menu as the original in Minneapolis, until one day, surveying their empty establishment at breakfast time, they figured it was time for a change. There was a gaggle of hotels within spitting distance of Hell’s, and they all offered free breakfasts. How could they compete?

A makeover was in order, and thus Hell’s Kitchen joined the burgeoning burger bonanza and became “Hell Burger.”

hell int pngWith a sparkly new interior, and a menu concentrating on burgers and sandwiches, later hours, and delivery to boot, Hell Burger is attacking the market with relish! (And mustard, and ketchup, and…). Check out their menu here.

(What’s with all the parentheses today, anyway?)

Our intrepid Northland burger report KawikaMedia and his posse went to Hell today, and reported good things. He had the “Inferno Burger,” jalapenos, pepperjack, and honey-chipotle sauce. Hand-formed patties, fresh-cut fries (ala carte, tho), oodles of topping options. Spiked milk shakes no less. Old TV reruns on the big screen, free music on weekends.

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