Duluth, MN – The Blackwater Lounge

About 40 years ago, I had my first “grown up date” (as a teenager) at the place that occupied this location at the time, it was called the “Black Bear Lounge”, and it was nestled inside the hoity-toity Hotel Duluth.   Fast forward several decades, and the building is called “Greysolon Plaza” and it’s a senior apartment complex, but with the Blackwater lounge now ensconced where formerly resided a low-end Chinese restaurant.

The Blackwater is a chi-chi bar like Duluth has never seen, serving fancy pants cocktails and “lounge food.”  (Upscale bar food).

Kawikamedia stopped in for some Kobe sliders.   Of course they aren’t Kobe beef, not at $8 for three, come on people, do we need legislation regarding this description?  You know how it steams me.

I’ll bet Kawika asked for those olives on top.  He didn’t comment on how the sliders tasted, they look a little overdone to me.   “Kobe’ cooking rules call for low and slow.

I was in there with him a few months ago, we were rolling on a virgin mary throw down.  The Blackwater’s was pretty good, and had a pretty good salad in it, including jumbo shrimp.

Oh, and my “grown up dinner date” forty years ago?    It worked.  I got lucky that night.

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