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After a long career of gourmet chef posts all around the US, when it came time to set up his own shop, G.B. (Gary) Schneider returned to his geographical and culinary roots to set up shop in his hometown of Duluth, MN.

Schneider has updated regional comfort foods into gourmet delights at blue collar prices.

A classmate of many of the Minnesota Burger Posse members, when it came to plotting a high school reunion get together, there was no better choice than Schneider’s outpost at 4502 Grand Avenue.  Some of the former Duluth East ‘Hounds had imbibed at Schneider’s previously, and they were eager to try some expanded menu items.

The hot turkey plate, served with mash, gravy, on white bread, with house-made cranberry sauce as about as comfortable a food as one can imagine.

Schneider’s patty melt recalls his burger skills from his first cooking gig at Duluth’s (late) London Inn, the de rigueur high school hangout of choice, back in the day.  The sandwich starts with a third pound of grilled Angus, done to medium, on sourdough with caramelized onions and cheddar, with a side of rings.

The Pickle Roll-Up off the appetizer menu, features a crisp pickle spear, a schmear of cream cheese, wrapped in a slice of lean corned beef, and was accompanied by house-made chips.

Schneider’s menu offers a variety of  “home-cooked” style sandwiches, soups, burgers and appys; discounted appetizers are available during happy hour 4-6p weekdays, and the restaurant has box lunches to take away for people on the go, at work or play.  Might be a good idea to pick up a family’s worth on your next trip to Spirit Mountain.

G.B. Schneider’s is a great choice anytime for locals, and for tourists, an excellent alternative to the crowds and prices of Canal Park.

G.B. Schneider

Pickle Roll Up

G.B. Schneider

Patty Melt




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