Fairview, OR – Stagecoach Saloon

Yippee kay yay, pardner!  Belly up to the bar, straddle the saddle, and be welcomed to one of the friendliest “dive bars” in the Portland area, with food all day long, and nightly specials.

What constitutes a “dive bar?”  Well, according to the all knowing, all seeing, magic 8 ball Wikipedia, these days, it’s really a term of endearment, meaning “relaxed, casual, neighborhood” type place.    And the Stagecoach fits that bill.

So while ordinarily you will find a strictly local crowd, I urge you, if this kind of place is your thing, to take the drive to Fairview and experience the food, ambiance, and staff of the Stagecoach.

Not only is the waitstaff friendly and efficient, they are very easy on the eyes.  Hopefully you will experience Sara or Kaitlan manning the shift.

Of all the goofy circumstances, we hit the Stagecoach after a massive Thanksgiving feast at a friend’s house nearby.  Not hungry at all, but merely looking for a little additional holiday libation, we did sample the Stagecoach’s Thanksgiving dinner ($6.95) – perfectly done deep fried turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, and a fluffy yummy dinner roll with a big gob of butter.

I had my heart set on trying the local specialty “Pappy Dog” (Mondays only), and I’ll get back there for that.

We did share the deep-fried pickle spears, and Stagecoach understands what a deep-fried pickle is all about.  A little seasoned battered spear, perfectly crisp, crunchy, flavorful pickle inside, and a ramekin of ranch on the side.  I love these!

The Stagecoach is located in a small strip small of NE Sandy. 20101 NE Sandy Blvd, in Portland, or Fairview, depending on the attitude of your GPS.  The #12 bus stops at the door, so leave your car at home and make it a TriMet adventure night!

Giddyup.  Pull into the Stagecoach, and have a great time!

Tip often, tip heavily.  These women work hard!

Update: “Taco Tuesday”. 4 for a buck! Good stuff!  Menu is online.

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