Gearing Up for the Winter Burger Tour!

We’re gearing up for one of our semi annual trips around the US to ferret out the best (and worst) burgers, hot dogs, and pizza.   This time around, we’ll be traveling the East Coast, from Maine to Miami, hitting the birthplaces of pizzas in the US, the Jersey diners, the Carolinas BBQ trail.

But we need your support, whether by donation, or as a big-time sponsor.  This is grueling work, you know, and we can’t give you the dope without your help.

To donate any amount, hit the button below, and you know the drill.  If you are interested in a larger roll, consider sponsoring us…..motor home rental, motel rooms, gas, restaurant chains, food and beverage manufacturers, you know who you are!

For sponsorship, or to toss us some of those half-used VISA/Amex gift cards you have sitting around, email us directly.

Many thanks for your support.  Financial-wise….readership wise.

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