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I had heard about this place for several years, and it seems like not a week goes by that some reader doesn’t suggest it to me. Motoring across the Southwest today, and finding myself on I-10 in Phoenix at lunchtime, it was the perfect opportunity for me to check out the Heart Attack Grill.

This place screams “fun” and “man cave” from the moment you walk in. One of the “nurses” approaches each patron at the door with the requisite hospital gown and wrist bracelet which “must” be worn in the “operating room”. Your choice of seating include a counter, tables, or an outdoor patio.

The menu is placed in front of you, and the choices are few: a single, double, triple, or quad bypass burger; a inlimited buffet of fries (fried in pure lard, the sign says). The server was quick to point out they have no diet drinks or iced tea, just real coke (what, not Mexican coke?), Jolt, or PBR. For real men, they sell Lucky Strikes and Camel Straights.

I ordered the quad, for effect, they offer you a choice of cheeses, but otherwise, the decorating is up to you, at the ample fixings bar. (Which have some of the best dill chips I have ever had, anywhere).

It’s help yourself to the lard fries, too (small extra charge), which are dumped into a bin up front, hot, fresh, and very frequently.

My “nurse” Alicia, (and oh, how I have loved that name for years!)  brought my quad out to the table, and stopped for a second for a photo op. Yes, there IS a burger in that photo, folks.

She said “you are really going to enjoy eating this,” to which I could only reply, “hell, I can’t eat it, I’m just going to admire it!”

I went back to the fixinsg’ bar for more pickles to munch on the side.

I managed to work my way through one of the patties before tossing in the towel (gown?). The burger is full-flavored, and holds together well, indicating a pretty high fat content, which would be appropriate for the venue. It’s like when people ask you if you like your chicken ‘wet or dry.” If you like your burgers “wet”, this is the place for you.

The service is over the top amazing, with the cheery girls, and knowledgeable kitchen staff that interacts with the patrons. This place has been around for several years, and I don’t know why the landscape isn’t dotted with them, certainly more “fun”and unique that the any of the recent burger expansions, IMHO. Why hasn’t Hooters bought this to prop up their ailing concept?

If you happen to be in Phoenix Las Vegas, or are just passing through, make the Heart Attack Grill an “emergency stop.”

(BTW, the Las Vegas location now has an “Octuple Bypass” with an optional 40 strips of bacon.  About $30.)

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2 comments to “Chandler, AZ – The Heart Attack Grill”
2 comments to “Chandler, AZ – The Heart Attack Grill”
  1. Great review and nice pictures too 😉

    Too bad this location is closed! I was in Phoenix last week and would have gone if it was still open.

    Have you been to the one in Vegas?


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