Home Cookin’ – Burgers from Omaha Steaks

Omaha Steaks, arguably the largest purveyor of meat by mail in the US, was started in 1917 by a father and son from Latvia, as a supplier of premium cut meats to Omaha grocers and restaurants. Today, 1800 employees, two USDA plants, a distribution center and telemarketing operation supply home cooks, restaurants, food services with cuts of beef and other prepared food products.

I had a couple of different packages of burgers delivered to me, they were five days in transit with dry ice, and arrived still frozen solid. Omaha sells a “premium ground beef” patty and a “gourmet” patty, but I am unable to descern the difference from the descriptions on their website, other than price.

They are offering signficant price reductions at the moment, and as an example, you can get 12 4 oz burgers of $9.99,  but shipping will probably add another $12, so it come out to $10 a pound plus.

Eight of the 4 oz “Gourmet Burgers” clock in at $13, well over 50% off.

The burger patties come individually packaged, with their USDA seal (plant 1198a), and instructions to cook to interior temps of at least 160.

I threw one of their regular burgers into a cast iron skillet this morning, sans any seasoning, and cooked it to medium, and it was definitely better than any other frozen patty I have tried.

My only issue would be that the grind is very fine, and I prefer my a little bit more coarse, but that’s not a deal killer, flavor and texture are very good.

As I said above, they have a really great promotion going on, and even the best steaks they carry are 50-64% off as well. The special offers page is online here, and they bonus you with free gifts as well, thereby further reducing the net cost of the meat.

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