Island Lake, MN – Porky’s

Just a stone’s throw from Duluth, Porky’s is checked out by burger reporter Kawikamedia. Porky’s alternatively calls itself a drive-in, or a tavern, depending on one’s point of view, and dining desire. They are “famous” for their “all you can eat” Friday nite fish frys, good breakfasts, and occasional karaoke sessions. Minnesota burger reporter Kawikamedia checked out the porky burger which was 2 patties cheese bacon lettuce two tomatoes and secret sauce (barbecue). KM was a bit dishearted by the expience, telling me “I should have saved the caloric intake for something else!) because the window attendant was doing double duty as the cook, and as a result, KM’s burger was overcooked, and very dry. Also a shortage of choices if you have a vegetarian in tow. They are “internationally famous since 1987” (just ask them) so it might be worth a second look (bite).

We’re informed by readers that the Google map may appear a bit “off” (that happens?) and that Porky’s is located just south of the bridge, not north as the map portrays. But if you are driving out from Duluth, you’ll hit the south end first, anyway.

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