Meat Purveyor – Harris Ranch of California

It’s not unusual to find finer California restaurants featuring beef from Harris Ranch.  You’ll find a lot of their product at great burger restaurants, as well.

Since the 30’s, the family has been one of California’s largest farmers/ranchers, from their base in Fresno, CA.  Today, they have an empire like operation, spanning cattle, feed lots, a hotel, food company, and much more.  They even breed race horses.

The inn, restaurant, and retail meat operation are located about halfway between Los Angeles and Sacramento on Interstate 5, so it’s a convenient break place.

If you don’t have time for a leisurely lunch, they have a good mini mart attached to a gas station which offers Harris products as well as commuter fare.  I recommend their house made jerky, for sure.

We stopped on our recent trip and picked up multiple pounds of their ground beef to use at home.  At less than $6 a pound for 85/15 ground sirloin, I think its a bargain.  They vacuum pack it and put it in cold packs good for 8 hours of travel.

If you don’t travel the highways and biways of California’s San Joaquin valley (there are sooooooooo many great food stops, produce stands, etc.,), you can always have Harris’ meat shipped to you, order online.

(Photo is from Harris Ranch website, and remains their property).

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