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I’ve been wanting to hit Broder for a year or so, but I always envisioned going for a weekend breakfast. I had a biz lunch date today with my client, and though we share a passion (and usually a hunger) for our meetings to be at dim sum places, today we were both in the mood for something distinctly different. So it was off to Broder, for taste of the homeland (I’m a Swede, he’s a Dane).

No, we did not consider eating at Ikea!

There were a number of burger and dog possibilities (see menu below), but ultimately I chose Fridakeller, which was two veal/pork patties, pan-fried, presented with a choice of side (I took the potato pancake), creamy horseradish sauce, and pickled vegetables. My friend coughed up his side to me, which was a rich tomato soup.

He went with a plate of three small sandwiches, pate, pickled herring, and gravlax (dilled, pickled thin sliced salmon).

My Danish pal told me that at “home”, the fridakeller is made from leftover meats, rolled in the shape of a sausage, and deep-fried. I’d like to try that, as well. What isn’t good deep-fried?

Everything we had was over the top, tasted great, presentations were artful, service was cordial and attentive. I wished I could have tried several more things.

I understand the place is packed on weekends for breakfast, I’ll have to try that.

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