Portland, OR – Cheesesteak & Burgers Cart, Courthouse Sq. (Snore)

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Oh, come on guys, let’s at least try! A friend of mine was carping about this cart the other day, and how they put shredded lettuce on their burgers, which he finds distasteful. I concur. But what I found more distasteful about this operator, was a) pre-cooked food service patties warmed on the grill, b) a less than hygienic operating environment, c) incredibly slow service, and d) an employee totally distracted by being on his cell fone or yakking with non-customers around him.

I ordered the cheeseburger, plain and simple, tho the sign does say “three slices of cheese,” and it lived up to that. I am an impatient guy under the best of circumstances, but to wait (and wait) for a simple burger to be “warmed” while the employee is busying himself with non work related tasks (I have experienced and griped about this same thing going on at the Pearl’s #1 coffee shop)…..well, that’s cheeses me off (so to speak).

The cheesesteaks looked like they might have been a better choice. The burger tasted like any cafeteria, Costco, Sysco, Sam’s Club burger, they have that kind of odd texture, and a hint of smokey flavor that comes from an ingredient instead of cooking method. And what’s with the mooshed bun? From the grill to you to me, was less than one foot of distance. You couldn’t make it that far without that giant thumb imprint in the bun? Oh, well.

Anyway, I don’t usually completely pan anybody, but stopping at this cart isn’t worth your time.

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