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Well, you know I think chicken fried steak qualifies as a “burger,” if you’ve read my posts before.  When my friend Jay suggested we brunch here today, I (as always) perused their menu online ahead of time, and knew I would have a hard time deciding between their scrumptious sounding breakfast entrees, or a burger.

Chicken fried steak seemed like a good compromise.  Pay attention now, because Jay made a few substitutions in his order, and I followed suit, much to my great satisfaction.

On the menu, the CFS comes with eggs, greens, mashed potatoes, and brown gravy.   Jay suggested we substitute home fries and sausage gravy, which we did.

My culinary technical review?  Man oh man oh man oh man.   An unbelievable brunch entree.    Everything was seasoned just to my liking, a little salt, a little kick.   The eggs (not pictured) were perfect.   The greens unbelievably smoky.  The steak coating crispy and well-seasoned.  The potatoes with just enough crisp.    We sat at the kitchen “bar” and watched our food lovingly prepared.

Observing other orders being prepared, I didn’t see a single thing come off the grill, cast iron skill, or out of the salamander that didn’t make me drool.

Service was great, ample refills (without asking) of coffee, water, and inquiries as to our satisfaction as the meal progressed.

Country Cat serves brunch and dinner daily.  I can’t wait for a return visit.

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