Portland, OR – Grilled Cheese Grill

Who can pass up a restaurant that only features grilled cheese sammiches?  Not I.   Especially when one choice is the Cheesus Burger, a 1/3 pound burger with two grilled cheese sammiches in lieu of buns?  Now that’s a mouthful!    Also sampled, the “Gabby”, four different cheeses on white, and a cup of creamy tomato soup………as the menu says, “What else would you dip your sandwich in?”   What else indeed?   The GCG is located in a trailer and a school bus (where you can sit, eat, and play boardgames), at 1027 NE Alberta Street.  Small aside to those bringing tots.  No bathroom on site.   Or within walking distance.     This is Portland “cart food” taken the to the next level!

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