Portland, OR – Violetta, 3rd Time’s a Charm

Oh, you clever, clever people. How is it you keep roping me in, month after month, for yet another burger and fries? What secret hold do you have over my taste buds, oh you sirens of sandwiches, you barons of burgers, sultans of sauces?

Stopped by the Violetta mobile today for my third visit. They are about a month away, they say, from moving into their permanent structure in Director’s Park. Do they realize this means I am ALSO a month away from moving into their permanent structure? That I will sit there morning, noon, and night, and keep the grill cook and fry guy hopping to my every burger and fry whim?

I will not even require them to proffer their wares in their fancy pants artsy fartsy cool recyclable packaging, nay, they can just toss burgers to me like I am a trained seal, yet I will forgo balancing the patties on my nose, in favor of having them drop down my gullet.

Maybe I shall be come the Shamu of Violetta, performing tricks on the hour, in return for food?

Ahhh, life!

Today I went with the 1/3 lb Oregon Blue, the ultra-delicious Gorgonzola topped, bacon slathered, caramelized onion capped burger on a hazelnut bun. AND…..incidentally, a side of white truffle oil, fries, sinfully dusted with sea salt and pepper, drizzled with the truffle oil, and a pinch of herbs, and wait, what’s that in the bag? WHAT? A ramekin of Gorgonzola sauce? YOU BASTARDS! You really know how to rope me in.

Well, you’ll be sorry. I’ll be back again. And again. And again. And other customers will complain when you run out of food, because I have eaten it all.

Or is that you wicked plan? Hmmmmm. Or should I say…. MMMMMMMMMMMM!?!?!

One comment to “Portland, OR – Violetta, 3rd Time’s a Charm”
One comment to “Portland, OR – Violetta, 3rd Time’s a Charm”
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