Saveur Magazine, September – “The Burger Bible”

What a delight it was to find this issue this morning.    The subhead is “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About America’s Favorite Food,” and they do a VERY thorough job.   Kudos to the Saveur editorial staff for a great job!

The magazine covers everything from “soup to nuts” about the wonderful world of burgers:   The Best Meat Choices, Mail Order Burgers, The Perfect Cheese, buns, toppings, condiments, flavor enhancers, local burger joints, recipes, making fries,  the evolving fast food scene.    Much of their material is available at the links above, but you’ll want to own and “savor” this issue of Saveur.   I know I’m going to love trying out the recipes and different combinations, and who doesn’t want to know any new tips for making fries at home?   TASTY!

saveur fon  png

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