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Eating at D.Lish, I was reminded of a comedy routine of Chris Rock, talking about the former Mayor of Washington DC. Rock says “this guy was a crack addict and you elected him? He was the best candidate? Boy, the other candidates must have been really bad!”

Such is the case, I mostly find, with restaurants that are rated as the #1 rated place in “reader’s polls” and the like. I think in the future, I will make it a point only to go to the #10 place on a list. This reminds me of the local enthusiasm for “Dick’s” in Seattle, which I also panned. Dick’s is also in Spokane, so the fact D.Lish beats it here, says something, I guess.

D.Lish, a Spokane burger place in a former Wendy’s building, is constantly rated as Spokane’s “best” or “favorite” in a number of categories, but for the life of me, I can’t understand why.

Online reviews must have been completed by employees.This was a very ordinary burger
distinguished only by the slice of onion that was as large as the burger patty.

One could also choose the D Lish meal (double meat, double cheese burger)or the “Monster”, which was 4 patties, 4 slices of cheese. Wonder if you get four slices of onion, too? I’ll never
find out, but I did head across the s street to check out competitor Zip’s.

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