The Meat Show Checks Out PDX Burgers

Great fun today on the Meat Show (, where we tested some local Portland favorite burgers!

I was nervous about my appearance, being on the radio for the first time, but many people in my life have said I have a face for radio. I calmed down quickly, was put at ease by the skillful host Emily and her co-hort Sabrina from

All contenders were all “mystery meat” to begin with, 3 burgers arranged on a plate, in a particular order and we could guess or wait and be told where they were from, after the taste!

My pappy taught me early in life, “buy well” and the results will show. I think he was talking about cars, but maybe not. But if we use cars as an example, you’ll get a lot more life out of Mercedes than you will out of Yugo, or a Rabbit. (Do they still make Yugo’s?) Watches – a Rolex will outlast a Casio…. you get the idea.

Such is the case with burgers, too, and today we sampled a Yugo, a Rabbit, and a Mercedes, tipping the cash register at $3, $5, and $10, respectively.

Host Emily wanted to throw in one of her favorites, one of mine, and there was a third, random burger. In this pic, random is at 6 o’clock on the plate, my choice at 1 o’clock, and Emily’s choice at 11 o’clock.  My new spiffy camera wasn’t doing too well today!
meat png1
We started with the random, which was pretty much like any fast food burger, and later found out it came from the food cart “Fernando’s” which is ensconced in the PSU cart pod around 4th and Hall.

It was a pretty much thumbs down on that one, OK for the price, but nothing to go out of your way for.

On to the second one, the $10 burger.  I took a bite and Emily asked if I could guess where it was from.  I said “I’d know that pickle anywhere,”  this was the top-of-the-line half pounder from Violetta’s.  Look at those innerds:  nice grind, medium rare, a perfect burger, and all of us agreed on that.

Finally, a burger from Chopollo’s Mexican cart also in the PSU cart pod.   What made this one stand out, were two things.  Extra fresh lettuce and tomato, very crispy, nice, and mayo slathered on both the top and bottom buns, making a the creamy goodness plough past your tongue and coat your next meat bite in a delicious way.

We had a ball!  We’ll do it again and take listener suggestions as to where to try.  A kobe burger is defintely on the next list!

meat png2

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