I Invent the WeenieBurger

A few weeks ago, I made frankfurters at home, I usually do this once or twice a year. The recipe is rather simple beef and pork on a 2/1 ratio, paprika, black pepper, celery seeds, garlic powder, dry milk powder, ground mustard, white pepper,coriander, and salt. You process this all, adding ice cubes slowly until you get a slurry of meat product which can easily slide into the casings, natural or not, your choice; my preference is always natural.  You can refrigerate them to consume in the next week, freeze them,  or smoke them and then freeze.

Well, I was a little ambitious on the meat, and had a lot left over that I froze in one pound packs, and have been using for various things. Wednesday is my hamburger day, and I didn’t feel like going out, and had no pure ground beef in the house, so I used a pound of the weenie mixture and shaped it into three patties.

Because of the content, the patties carmelized a little in the pan, and the distinctive color is a result of the spices. You’ll note from the pic of the sliced burger, that this is beyond a fine grind, and so the patty tends to be chewier, lacking the air pockets you find in most ground meats.

But for me, flavor was excellent, and I dressed them with dijon/mayo mixture and dill slices. I’ll make them again, and maybe not only when I have left over frankfurter meat!

weenieburger png

weenieburger cut 2 PNG



One comment to “I Invent the WeenieBurger”
One comment to “I Invent the WeenieBurger”
  1. Sounds good – the last couple of summers I have seen brat burgers around here. Similar idea – bratwurst sausage mix flattened into patties. But today as we did our grocery shopping, I saw something new. Angus Beef hot dogs! Hmmmmm…will have to watch for a sale.

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