White Castle Shrimp Nibblers Review

I’ve written about White Castle several times;  I never imagined I’d be reviewing a seafood offering from the purveyors of America’s favorite sliders.

Many restaurants offer seafood specials during the season of Lent; the practice has extended to many fast food outlets as well.  The tradition stems from an ancient Christian practice, a variation of fasting, which started as a traditional fast at first, but was modified over time to mean forgoing meat dishes.  Fish / seafood became a natural substitute, as they were both plentiful and available easily to all economic groups.

While the tradition is carried on “religiously” in some parts of society, for many it’s not as important as a conviction, but rather a quest for variety.

White Castle’s bow to the tradition is with a triad of offerings, a fish sandwich, fish bite-size nibblers, and shrimp nibblers.  All are lightly breaded and fried to order. Both the fish and shrimp are available in small, medium, and sack size portions.  Fish nibblers and sliders are made with Alaskan Pollock, a species of the cod family.

If you’re like me, it’s tough to imagine entering a White Castle without scarfing a few sliders, and fortunately, even during Lent, the ‘Castle has made it easier for folks like us, with the combo offering of 3 sliders, a small shrimp nibbler and a soda.  That’s what I opted for.

I loved both, and wish I would have ordered a larger size on the shrimp, as I was surprised at their taste and size. I was expecting tiny little salad or bay shrimp,  or even little shrimp ‘bits’, like one fast food company used to do o-rings, but these would qualify as “mediums” by any grocer’s label.   The breading was light and crispy, and you had a choice of dipping sauces, traditional cocktail, tartar, or a zesty ranch.

I believe the fish sandwich is around all the time, not sure about fish nibblers, and fairly confident the shrimp is a Lent LTO.  Which just means I’ll have to stop back a few times before Easter.  Sack size, next time, for sure!

White Castle Shrimp


White Castle Shrimp

To show the size of the shrimp

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White Castle Shrimp Nibblers


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