Imperial Garden Lobster Egg Roll Review

I was never much for places like dollar stores, Goodwill, or thrift shops, but they were regular stops for the late Mrs. BurgerDogBoy, having come from a disadvantaged background.

But after awhile, I kinda got into dollar stores, as there were some kitchen staples there that it was hard to find better prices on elsewhere, namely spices, herbs, and chicken stock.  For me, tomato juice was also a thing.

I like to cruise their foods section looking for new or never seen before (by me) products, and I’ve previously reviewed some of their heat and eat things like burgers and fish sandwiches.  I even like their empanadas, they call them “meat pies”.

So when I saw lobster “sliders” (still in the freezer here) and lobster egg rolls, I had to give them a shot.

The egg rolls are sold under the “Imperial Garden” label, and are made and distributed by a company in Houston, JYC International; apparently the company also has a thing about the edamame segment.

The eggroll weighs in at 5 ounces, and the list of ingredients is seemingly endless, but number one is cabbage, and number two is lobster. Number three? That fake crab stuff. Of course the flavor and texture of the cabbage is the predominant one.

You can microwave or conventionally bake these frozen treats, I always up for the latter, and it took about 24 minutes.  I let them set a minute or two, sliced  and served with sweet/sour sauce and hot mustard.  The wrapper was nice and crispy from the oven bake, I doubt it would be in the microwave.

It’s as good as any egg roll you’ll get at most Chinese restaurants in the US, not as good as if you made your own.

I’d buy them again.

Imperial Garden Eggroll Review



Imperial Garden Lobster Egg Roll Review

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