Georgia – Nu-Way Weiners

In 1916, Greek American James Wallis opened Nu-Way Weiners (yes they spell it that way) in 1916, and there it remains, growing into a mini chain in mid-Georgia, that even Oprah pronounces as one of “her best.”     Nu-Way was established the same year as Nathan’s on Coney Island, making it the 3nd oldest hot dog shop in the US.

I don’t know what it is about Greek/Americans/immigrants that they gravitate to the coney island style hot dog, but gravitate they do, in the instances of the ones in Minnesota, Illinois, Wisconsin,  Ohio, and Michigan, at least.

Nu-Way has a  proprietary dog, maybe 10 or 12 to  a pound, skinless, and bright red in color.   Their coney sauce is beef, seasonings, and chopped white onion, and is less on the ‘sweet’ side than Skyline or Gold Star (and less on the sweet side is my preference, it means there doesn’t appear to be sugar or cinnamon-like flavors in it), leaning more towards a pure “beefy taste”.

The sauce is wet, so “manhandling” the buns (ok, stop that) is a necessity.

Nu-Way has easily moved into my top 5 favorite coney dogs in the country, and I wish I could be in that part of the country more often.  Check out their all day menu.

Nu Way Weiners

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