National Hot Dog Day

July is National Hot Dog Month, and the celebration continues with it being National Hot Dog Day, today, July 23, 2010.   Here are some fun facts to know and share about our favorite tubular nutrition delivery vehicle!

  • During the “hot dog season” (Memorial Day to Labor Day), Americans will consume 7 billion hot dogs, or 818 every single second during the period!
  • On the 4th of July alone, we consume 150 million dogs, enough to stretch from DC to LA five times!
  • Los Angelenos consume more hot dogs that residents of any other city in the US.  Following L.A., are New York, San Antonio, Baltimore/Washington, and Chicago.
  • For the year ending January of 2010, more than 730 million packages were sold in grocery stores in the US, and this doesn’t include WalMart, as they do not report sales figures!
  • Ballparks in the states sell about 22 million dogs per season.
  • To find your nearest hot dog joint, and join in the gustatory celebration today, check out this hot dog finder!

Burgerdogboys’s favorite hot dog in Portland? A tie:  Zweigle’s White Hots, available at both Superdog locations, and the fine Chicago Red Hot dog served by the Fried Onion!(P.S., while both of these dogs have “hot” in their name, neither are!)

(Statistics and above Photos from the National Hot Dog & Sausage Council).

Photo below by Kawikamedia, Deluxe Coney Island, Duluth, MN

Deluxe Coney Island, Duluth

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