Paso Robles, CA – BBQ Fun Fest and Kids Day in the Park

We were feeling a might peckish driving down US 101 in Cali the other day, and pulled off at Paso Robles to get a bite to eat.  Mrs. BDB said “what do you feel like?” and since I am omniscient, I said “I feel like we’re going to run into a church or something having a bbq,” and sure enough, it was the annual BBQ Fun Fest and Kids Day in City Park, the perfect place to stop for us to stop, eat, stretch our legs, and pee the dog.

The fete apparently had bbq cook offs, which we missed, and it was rather late in the day, so the crowds were thin.  The hot cold oobleck any weather prompted Mrs. BDB to start off our stop with a frost tap o’ beer, and then we perused the different bbq stands before choosing one that had some trophies displayed.

Mama got the rib dinner, and I went with a smoked hot link, smothered in sauce.  The sausage was ‘house-made’ (somewhere) a rather coarse grind with a nice natural casing.  The sauce was on the sweet side,  a soft but substantial bun rounded off the sandwich.  Just a bit of kick to this one.

The ribs were more than satisfactory said the lady, and the side of beans was interesting, regular baked beans but prepared in the manner (and taste) of pintos.

A pic of the cart is below, I can’t tell you where to find these guys regularly, but they hail from Central California somewhere.  Perhaps you can find Waldo an address on their banner!

Paso Robles BBQ Fest

Paso Robles BBQ Fest

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