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Stopped in to the Superdog Park Avenue location for lunch today, was there at 11:01AM, one minute past opening bell.   Ordered their chili cheese dog, which is atop a fatty skinless Nathan’s, and the server apologized for the chili not being hot yet, so she would put it in the microwave.   Regretfully, she ladled it onto the dog prior to the nuking, and of course that is going to affect the flavor and texture of the link and the bun.  It was too bad, cause the rolls are nice, ample, substantial, but the result was that the chili was still cold, and the bun was a little stiff.  I didn’t say anything, as I was just sampling today, but I would probably give my own instructions next time, and hope they had the flexibility to accomodate my wishes.

But what I really went for, and was worth waiting for (“allow five minutes for cooking”) was the Zweigle’s White Hot, a specialty pork and veal dog with traditional frankfurther seasoning………all the way from Rochester (Ra Cha Cha!), New York.   I haven’t had one in 15 years, and the first (and last) time I did consume a White Hot (which aren’t “hot”), was when my strictly vegetarian (!?!?!?) girlfriend at the time, surprised me with them, and broke her regimen to share one with me, while we were camped out in her mother’s house in upstate New York.

Zweigle’s are great.  I have found a place to order them online, as well, might need to stock up a case or two.

Superdog is great, they offer a lot of high quality dogs, home-made sides, and meal deals.   My two dogs and a bottle of water were $10.50. I’m not sure if it qualified for the Super Deal Double, which, at $10.75 includes a big drink, and chips.     My server didn’t offer the deal, nor did I ask.

No matter, I’ll be back.  Pictured below:  store front, chili cheese Nathan’s, and the Zweigle White Hot.

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