Regional Profile – Sabrett Hot Dogs, New York, Part 3

It’s in the Sauce

One of the more unique additions to the Sabrett Hot Dog is their own proprietary “onions in sauce”, a standard at New York push carts and elsewhere that Sabrett’s are found.

Sabrett’s now signature sauce was invented by Alan S. Geisler, an MIT-trained food technologist who died January 6, 2009 at the age of 78.

What’s in it?  According to the package: onions, water, tomato paste , corn starch, salt, sugar, olive oil and spices.  The package suggests in addition to topping dogs and burgers, one might like to try it in a meatloaf or pot roast recipe.  That sounds like a good idea.

Hot dog toppings/sauces vary around the country, as you well know.  Where I’m from in the Midwest, “chili” is the norm, which is a spicy, meaty sauce (no beans, tho).   I’ve had “hot dog sauces” similar to Sabrett’s in the Deep South, and particularly in Alabama, hot doggers seem to enjoy their onion-based hot dog toppings.

You can purchase the onion sauce where Sabrett’s are sold;  if you live outside of their marketing area, you can buy online, along with their signature mustard and kraut!

Sabrett Onions in Sauce

Hot Dog Onion Sauce

(Ed. Note – Marathon Enterprises, Inc., furnished sample foods for this series).

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