Regional Profile – Sabrett Hot Dogs, New York, Part 5

The Products

Sabrett sent several varieties of their hot dogs, and the first one we tried was their new “Hot & Spicy” Beef Frankfurter, which is a skinless sausage.

All Sabrett dogs are certified Gluten Free, which assures you no cereals or grains are used as fillers, as is often the case in lower priced franks.

Ingredients on the package include beef, water, salt, flavoring, red pepper, jalapeno pepper, paprika, garlic powder, and hickory smoke flavor.

The Hot & Spicy are sold in a 14 oz package which contains 8 slightly longer than bun-length franks.

I sample new products “plain” – in the case of sausages, no bun, no condiments. I want to experience the full flavor of the product on its own.

Although its a skinless dog, the Hot & Spicy has some ‘snap’ of its own, due to the firmness of the all beef frank, and the seasoning.

Slightly salty, slightly smokey, slightly peppery, this is a new favorite of mine.  I like Sabrett’s Hot & Spicy, and will  be a regular consumer.

Soon to be in widespread distribution at the usual Sabrett outlets. Sabrett mail orders are available from Pirylis Distributors, and Foods of New York.

Sabrett Jalapeno Hot & Spicy Beef Frankfurters

 (Ed. Note: Sabrett furnished us with product samples to review).

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