Vienna Beef

Received this great card in the mail from Vienna Beef, the preeminent hot dog manufacturer in Chicago, or maybe even the world!

I love Vienna Beef hot dogs, and their Italian beef, and their polish, and and and…. so the very least I can do in return is a few shameless plugs for them!

To learn about Vienna’s history, click here

To order truckloads of Vienna’s product, click here

To find your nearest Vienna beef outlet, click here (coming soon)

To find an outlet on your iPhone, click here

To learn about opening a business featuring Vienna Products, click here

To buy spiffy Vienna Beef merchandise, click here

If you are planning on being in Chicago and want to take a tour, click here

To sign up or Hot Dog University and learn everything about going into the hot dog business, click here

Thanks, Vienna!  Happy 117th birthday!  May the next 117 years bring you more accolades and continued success!

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