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Restaurante La Salvadorena Aberdeen, WAWe pulled into Aberdeen on a Saturday morning expecting to imbibe in a regular “Dennys type” morning breakfast. That’s what we talked about, that’s what we were looking for. Driving down US 101 North near the downtown, I spotted a sign, and turned to Mrs. Burgerdogboy and said “how about Salvadoran?”

She said “yes,” and I shocked the hell out of her and made a hard right into the small parking lot.

About a dozen tables inside, one other occupied, we slid into a booth and were promptly greeted. One can order from the server or at the counter, and Mrs. BDB was so excited at the possibility of an “authentic” meal, she popped to the counter and ordered for us.

The Mrs. opted for a plate of a half dozen small tongue tacos, ordered a pupusa on the side, and a steak torta (sandwich) for me. As an after thought, I asked if she had ordered a side of beans, she hadn’t, and then did, and was she / we ever glad! Best frijoles I have ever had – anywhere on the planet, including Mexico, Spain, and Central America!

My sandwich was overwhelming in both size and flavor. It came on fresh baked, very soft roll, with chopped lettuce, tomato, and dressing.

The tacos were outstanding as well, served with the traditional accompaniments including pickled vegetables.

We both had a Jarritos soda, lime for her, pineapple for me (one of my “couple times a year indulgences I really shouldn’t have).

The pupusas were grand as well.

We couldn’t leave without throwing some of their wonderful, yet unpretentious food in the cooler to take home, so add another half-dozen tamales and a double order of the beans, and it brings our bill to under $30.

This joint was a fabulous impulse.   Don’t dine in Aberdeen without considering a stop here.

Steak Torta, Aberdeen, WA


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