Why Are European Made Frozen Pizzas Better?

I don’t get it. Frozen pizzas from Europe kick the ass out of the US made ones.  With the exception of Vito and Nicks II, out of Chicago, I have seldom (OK, never) run into a frozen US pizza that compares in taste or texture to those made in Europe.  Trader Joe’s has some excellent ones that I have previously written about, like their Wild Mushroom,  Margherita, and the Olympiad brand ones.

Today I tested Mama Cozzi’s Stone Baked Caprese Pizza, which are made in Germany for the US discount grocery chain Aldi. Curiously, or not, Aldi and Trader Joe’s share a corporate parent.

This pie, boasts three cheeses, cherry tomatoes, and marinated semi-dried tomatoes.  An even 16 ounces. Baked at 400 for 12 minutes or so.  “Italian style crust” the box says, along with “100 % real cheese.”

I’m not usually one for ‘plain’ cheese pizzas, preferring those that are piled high with as many processed pork products one can fit on the pie.

This is good.  Crispy crust, a little thicker than what most consider “thin crusts”, good tasting cheese with ‘pull’, flavorful herbs and sauce.  Taste and texture very similar to a local pizzeria in Europe, and as these are sold at Aldi’s, they are ‘value priced’ as well.

So, US manufacturers – Tombstone, DiGiorno, CPK, Red Baron, Palermo, and all the rest?  What’s the deal?  Why can’t you make a pie that at LEAST equals this, if not the Trader Joe’s offerings?   A number of brands are now owned by Swiss based Nestle, maybe they can transition a few to excellence.  Hope so!

Aldi Frozen Pizza Review

Mama Cozzi’s Box and Unbaked Pie


Aldi Frozen Pizza Review

Baked Pie


Aldi Frozen Pizza Review



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