China Bans Import of Shellfish from NW US – But Is There More to the Story?

tepcoThere was a story over the weekend, widely covered, but not, about how China has banned the import of shellfish from the Pacific Northwest of the US.  First time it has happened. Chinese say it is because they found traces of a ‘toxin’ in recent shipments.  But is that it really?

Some other news stories over the weekend that didn’t get as wide as coverage were regarding the continuing dumping of radioactive water from the Japanese reactor melt-down, into the Pacific.  Another one about how sailors on a USN ship that was helping at the scene of the disaster a few years ago – has a crew coming down with all manner of weird cancers.

I was living in Oregon when the first solid debris from the Japanese nuke disaster starting floating up on the coast. Of course, there’s no way to stop radioactive ocean water from making its way to the US.

Panic stories have suggested the entire west coast of the US and Hawaii will be uninhabitable within a couple years.  In addition to the fact that Colorado, Wyoming, and Idaho would become very crowded, California, Oregon, and Washington supply an ungodly high percentage of produce in the US (and grape wines, of course), and this would result in further problems.

What if Godzilla returns?

Should we be concerned?  Are we? Is this a real crisis?  Time will tell.

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