Culver City, CA – Johnnie’s Pastrami

There are two or three places in Los Angeles that regularly tout that they invented the “French Dip.” No matter, years later along came Johnnie’s and created a legend all by themselves – the Pastrami Dip. WTF? Friends of mine in Los Angeles are saying right now “BurgerDogBoy, you ate pastrami?! You HATE pastrami!”.

Not true folks. It’s just a little secret I keep close to the vest. I can’t help but love Johnnie’s, it was born the same year I was, and I have an affinity for things like that. I once owned a Seeburg Jukebox from the same year. Sweet. Just like me. Ran like clockwork. Mostly. Occasionally needed parts. Just like me.

Johnnie’s occupies a marvelous corner, there’s a really shady hotel kitty-korner that I have had occasion to use an hour or two – and next door is Cinco de Mayo, the all night Mexican joint I have written about before – and behind that, the Los Angeles beloved Tito’s Tacos. You could eat six meals a day and never leave this street corner.

Johnnie’s is open late, and has some cool outdoor seating with firepits. On this day, I plopped my large derriere at the counter, ordered the dip and a side of chili fries. Ah, there’s that familiar chili again. Could it be Vienna? There’s a Vienna clock on the wall here. Hmmmm.

I could only get through half the sandwich, having gorged myself on free pickles aforehand. Yummy, crisp dill chunks.

Could the true test of the worth of a sandwich be much the same as my test for pizza? How is it the next morning after being left out on the counter all night? Or in the case of the pastrami, how is it the next day after being left on the seat of the car all night?

Unfrickin’ believable. What a great breakfast.

Check out Johnnie’s the next time you are in L.A.  Yes, they have burgers and dogs.  Cash only, but ATM on site.

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